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Gentrify are expert Duplex and Townhouse builders. We have a team of professionals who can assist you with realising your investment potential. We make your life easier by managing the entire building process, from design and council approval all the way through to final handover.

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Duplex and Townhouse Builders Melbourne and Geelong

Duplex and townhouse projects are becoming increasingly popular with savvy home owners and property investors, especially in large towns and capital cities where land values are on the rise. Whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade, create equity or build your retirement nest egg, Gentrify are Melbourne & Geelong’s expert duplex and townhouse builders – offering a fully tailored solution to meet your individual needs and objectives.

At Gentrify, we construct beautiful and highly functional homes on any type of block, including sloping blocks and our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with local governments, councils and any restrictions that may affect your home to ensure a smooth and incident free construction process.

When it comes to duplex and townhouse projects; few other builders can compete with Gentrify’s knowledge, quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Our flexible design approach and open communication will assist you in achieving your objectives; whether you are looking to build your retirement nest egg, optimise your investment returns or build your dream home that you can be truly proud of.


Townhouse and Duplex Builders Melbourne & Geelong
Townhouse Builders Geelong - Gentrify

Professional Duplex and Townhouse Builders Melbourne: Benefits of undertaking a project with Gentrify

The potential benefits of undertaking a duplex or townhouse project with Gentrify are numerous and may include all of the following:

  • Significantly increased net wealth – equity manufactured during your duplex or townhouse project can be released as cash, re-invested or retained to increase cash-flow and passive income.
  • Increased rental returns – gross rental income can be significantly increased as a result of having two dwellings on what was previously a single dwelling site, thus leading to a larger passive income stream.
  • Increased tax efficiency – new properties are an excellent method of reducing tax and there are numerous government benefits and tax incentives in place to encourage investors to construct new properties.
  • Reduced vacancy rate – new houses are much more appealing to potential tenants meaning that your investment property won’t be vacant for very long. This increased demand also enables landlords to be more selective with potential tenants.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – being new homes constructed by one of Melbourne’s finest builders, property maintenance costs will be minimal. Our 10 year structural guarantee also provides you with peace of mind and protection.


How can Gentrify help me with my Duplex or Townhouse project?

Our clients typically possess varying levels of knowledge and experience when it comes to duplex and townhouse projects, so for this this reason we offer a flexible approach which enables our clients to stipulate exactly how much help they require.

Property subdivisions and duplex/townhouse projects can be complex and if not undertaken correctly, can result in undesirable outcomes. For this reason, most of our clients prefer our full ‘end-to-end’ solution where we manage the entire process from concept to completion, taking the stress out of what can be a complex and confusing process.

As expert townhouse builders, our ‘end-to-end’ solution includes the following:

  1. Free initial consultation
  2. Concept design
  3. Town planning and permits
  4. Detailed design and engineering
  5. Building permits
  6. Construction (full turn-key, including landscaping if required)


Expert Townhouse Builders Melbourne
Duplex Builders Geelong - Gentrify

What if I already have experience with Duplex or Townhouse projects?

For clients wishing to manage certain aspects of the project themselves, Gentrify’s expert townhouse builders offer a flexible approach and accommodate our clients’ desires and preferences. For example, you may wish to engage your own architect, engineer, draftsman and town planner and simply employ Gentrify to construct your duplex or townhouse project.

We generally don’t encourage our clients to engage their own architect, engineer and draftsman as we have had numerous experiences where clients have come to us with their plans and have unfortunately been unable to construct their new dwellings due to exorbitant costs that the architect had designed into the plans, thus making the project too expensive and causing the properties to be over-capitalised and financially unviable. Many architects fail to consider their clients’ budgets or the cost of their ‘creative’ designs, which can lead to lots of wasted time, cost and heart-ache. At Gentrify, we ensure that we work within our clients’ budget and work closely with our architect to ensure that our homes are beautiful, functional and cost effective for our clients. As experienced builders who understand how homes are constructed, we find clever ways of achieving the outcomes that our architect is aiming to achieve, but in a cost-effective way using intelligent and hidden construction techniques that are invisible to the naked eye.


Expert Townhouse Builders Melbourne: Other useful services provided by Gentrify

Given the complex and inter-related nature of property development and construction, we have established strategic relationships with a number of highly knowledgeable experts to provide our clients with the best possible service. We have partnered with experts in the following fields who can assist you at each stage of your project:

  • Financial planning
  • Tax accounting and bookkeeping
  • Finance and lending, including SMSF lending
  • Property advisory services
  • SMSF setup and management
  • Legal services
  • Real estate agents and property managers
Townhouse Builders

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