Here are some common questions that our new clients often ask us. If there’s anything you’d like to know that’s not answered below, don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 436 874 or send us a message.

Why should I build with Gentrify?

Gentrify are among Melbourne’s finest builders. We’re a progressive, versatile company  – and we’re devoted to providing you with high quality, innovative, value adding property solutions. We cater for a wide range of clients, from potential home owners to the most astute and strategic property investors. 

At Gentrify, our philosophy is simple – we listen to and partner with our clients to deliver projects that exceed all expectations. We pride ourselves on our values, our ethics and our results and view ourselves as partners with our clients, our community and our environment.

When can I call to discuss my home or project with Gentrify?

We are available on 1800 436 874 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm).

When should I arrange my house and contents insurance?

You should arrange applicable cover for your house and contents from the day you take occupancy of your new home.

Who arranges connection of electricity, gas and telephone?

Generally, it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange these items. Please keep in touch with Gentrify to find out the correct time to arrange these connections.

Can I keep any leftover materials? What is the procedure?

Sometimes you may be able to keep excess materials (e.g. bricks) but you must not do so unless you have written permission from Gentrify.

When can Gentrify give me an approximate competition date for my property?

The completion of your new property is dependent upon Council requirements, weather, availability of materials, variations to the contract, etc. However, we can provide an approximate date of completion once we reach the fixing stage.

Will post contract variations delay work on my property and cost more?

Variations requested after the contract has been signed will usually delay progress and will cost more than adjustments made before the plans and specifications are finalised. It is better to avoid post-contract changes wherever possible.

What if I want to vary something to my home after signing the contract? What is the procedure?

Variations must be submitted in writing and issued to Gentrify. Please refer to our special conditions regarding variations which are requested after contract signing and colour selection.

Can I have a key to my property so I can assess progress when I like?

Unfortunately not. We cannot hand over our Builder’s master key at any time, however Gentrify are happy to arrange for the house to be opened for you by prior arrangement and during normal business hours. Please contact Gentrify with your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.

When can I visit the construction site to view my property during the construction phase and or/before handover?

For health and safety purposes and the requirements of Gentrify’s insurance policy; clients are only permitted to enter the construction site under the guidance of an authorised Gentrify employee. Should you wish to view construction progress; we ask that you call Gentrify’s head office to book an appointment and we will endeavor to accommodate.

Can I discuss or instruct Gentrify’s sub-contractors?

It is better that you do not discuss the work with Gentrify’s sub-contractors to prevent any confusion. Any instructions or changes provided to sub-contractors must only be issued by an authorised Gentrify representative.