Specialist Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne & Geelong

Do you love where you live but need a new or upgraded home? If so, a knock down rebuild project by Gentrify may be the perfect solution for you.

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Knock Down Rebuild in Melbourne and Geelong

Knockdown rebuild projects can be a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new or upgraded property. For example, you don’t have to pay stamp duty, real estate agent selling costs or legal fees like you would if you purchased a new or upgraded property, which can equate to tens of thousands of dollars.

Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne and Geelong - Gentrify
Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne and Geelong - Gentrify

Knock Down Rebuild by Gentrify

For many people living in inner-city suburbs, it’s all about location, convenience and lifestyle. If you live in a great location and don’t want to move, but your home is old, out-dated and no longer meets your needs; then we have the solution.

Whether your goal is to renovate your existing home or knockdown and rebuild; the team at Gentrify are here to help. Our knockdown rebuild specialists have many years’ experience in helping clients achieve their lifestyle dreams in a cost effective and enjoyable way.

Specialist Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne & Geelong Projects

Gentrify specialise in knockdown rebuild projects and creating beautiful new homes on any type of block. Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with local governments, councils and any restrictions that may affect your home to ensure a smooth and incident free construction process.

When it comes to knockdown rebuild projects; no other builders can compete with Gentrify’s quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Our flexible design approach and open communication will assist you in achieving your objectives; whether you are looking to optimise your investment returns or building your dream home that you can be truly proud of.

Benefits of a Gentrify Knockdown Rebuild Project

Before you take the huge and costly decision to sell your home and re-locate to a new area, it’s well worth considering the many benefits of a knockdown rebuild project:

  • You get to stay in your current location and don’t have to re-locate
  • Maintain your lifestyle and proximity to your friends, relatives and amenities
  • Avoid paying expensive moving costs such as real estate agent fees, stamp duty and legal fees, which can often add up to tens of thousands of dollars
  • Keep your children at your local schools and near their friends and relatives
  • Live in a brand new, energy efficient home that suits your lifestyle, budget and own unique taste
  • Increase the value of your property and create instant equity
  • You can release the equity manufactured during the rebuild process and re-invest in additional properties to expand your property portfolio and build your retirement nest egg. Gentrify specialise in various property investor products that can increase your net wealth. For further information, refer to our renovations and extensions, developments & subdivisions and duplexes & townhouses web pages.
  • Less stress and less risk than selling your existing home and purchasing another property in a new location.
Knock Down Rebuild Geelong - Gentrify

Are you a landlord looking to maximise your wealth?

The potential benefits of knockdown rebuild projects are often underestimated or overlooked. Knockdown rebuild projects are a great way of maximising your wealth, regardless of the property value cycle. In fact, many of the most astute property investors purchase older properties in highly sought-after locations, demolish them and re-build new homes as a way of maximising their wealth.

The equity created during the knockdown rebuild process can be used to pay off your mortgage more quickly, secure a deposit on your next investment property or optimise cash flow if you decide to rent the property out. Whichever option you take, knockdown rebuild projects can assist greatly in increasing your net wealth.

Knockdown rebuild projects also turn your investment into a haven of tax efficiency – everything that is disposed of during demolition is immediately depreciable, whilst the new property, as well as fixtures and fittings installed during the rebuild process can be

depreciated over a period of time and offset against your taxable income. This generally leads to the tax man putting money back in your pocket at the end of the financial year.

As knockdown rebuild Melbourne & Geelong specialists, we do everything we can to maximise your financial returns, which is why we employ only the best project managers, architects, draftspeople, estimators and tradespeople who know how to extract the most value out of your budget. Our knockdown rebuild specialists have also partnered with several highly experienced property agents who assist us in undertaking the necessary research before each project commences to ensure that we don’t overcapitalise your investment. Once we have constructed your new investment property, we engage one of our expert property accounting partners who work with you to ensure that your tax returns are optimised whilst complying with all tax laws and regulations.

Extention & Renovation Builders - Melbourne & Geelong - Gentrify

The team at Gentrify specialise in helping Landlords to get the most out of their investment properties through strategic knockdown rebuild projects.

  • Create instant equity
  • Increase rental return
  • Increase tax efficiency
  • Reduce vacancy rate
  • Reduce maintenance costs
With the right assistance, you can maximise your property portfolio returns stress free:

  • No out of pocket expenses – borrow against our building contract
  • No surprises – we provide fixed price contracts
  • No mistakes – we help you decide on the right work to complete and finish level to maximise your returns
  • No time wasted – we’ll be in and out faster than you thought possible
  • No sleep lost – our structural work is guaranteed for 10 years

We will guide you through our 6 step Knockdown Rebuild Process, ensuring that your project is as exciting and rewarding as possible

The thought of a knocking down your home and rebuilding can be quite a daunting prospect. This is why the Gentrify Knockdown Rebuild Team have developed our 6 step process to help you feel comfortable, informed and confident about your project at all times.

Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne & Geelong

Gentrify are ‘design and construct’ builders, which means that you will receive a full end-to-end service from concept to completion to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience. Our highly experienced design team work collaboratively with you to tailor a solution that meets your lifestyle and budget, whilst ensuring that the home compliments the local neighbourhood character and environment.

Our bespoke design and construct approach takes into consideration the following elements:

Home Design

  • Block size, shape, slope and orientation
  • Neighbourhood character and environment
  • Privacy and overlooking
  • Prevailing weather and natural light
  • Street access, driveway and garage position
  • Easements and setbacks
  • Utility connection points
  • Groundwater and drainage

Regulatory Compliance

  • Town Planning requirements and approvals
  • Planning and heritage overlays
  • Council building permit
  • Easements and setbacks
  • Vegetation protection overlays
  • Flood zones
  • Demolition requirements
  • Bushfire protection provisions

Our Knock Down Rebuild Builder’s Process

Every knockdown rebuild project is unique and as ‘design and construct’ builders, we make your knockdown rebuild experience as seamless and stress-free as possible by managing the entire process from concept to completion. Here’s how our process works:



The process starts with you making an enquiry with us. You can call us on 1800 GENTRIFY, email us at enquiries@gentrify.com.au or complete the online web form at the bottom of this page. We will then arrange a free consultation to understand your objectives.

ge-ico-2 Free Consultation

Gentrify’s specialist knockdown rebuild experts will visit your home and take the time to listen carefully to your requirements and objectives. During the visit, we will provide you with some initial concept ideas and give you a rough cost estimate for the project. We will also provide you with an overview of our construction process and answer any questions you may have.

 ge-ico-3 Concept Design

Following your authority to proceed, our design team will gather the required information, measure your property and create an initial concept design with basic specification and cost estimates.

 ge-ico-4Detail Design

Once you are happy with the concept design and instruct us to proceed, we move into the detailed design phase where our Designers, Engineer and Estimator fully design, scope and estimate the project. Following this, we will then confirm the final fixed price for the project.


We take care of the Building Permit applications and Town Planning permits (if required) and once approved, we both enter into a Building Contract. Then comes the exciting part – our construction team commence on site and commence the transformation! Our highly skilled Project Manager and tradespeople will make every effort to make your construction experience as memorable and stress-free as possible. Care will be taken to minimise any disruption to your neighbours and the community, especially during the demolition phase in terms of noise, dust and debris abatement. We keep our building sites clean, safe and tidy at all times and are passionate about minimising our environmental impact and working in an ethical manner.

ge-ico-6Hand Over

Once the transformation is complete, we reach hand over and provide you with a 10 year guarantee on our structural work leaving you with peace of mind to enjoy your beautifully renovated home.

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